Nourishing growth through ideas
Who we are
Who we are
Calcium: The Growth Element

In today's complex healthcare marketplace, brands continue to be a potent force. Brands, among other things, are vehicles for engagement, creating strong connections between businesses and the people they serve. When brands are vibrant and alive, businesses flourish. By maximizing brand health, Calcium is able to deliver the kind of powerful business impact clients are seeking.

Given the significant challenges being faced by today's life sciences companies, brand nourishment requires strategic thinking of the highest order. At Calcium, our strategic acumen has been honed over many years of accumulated real–world experience; across a wide span of client engagements; and in a diverse range of categories. Through our industry networks, we're able to track and identify the healthcare landscape changes that affect strategy–enabling Calcium to deliver more effective solutions. The strong strategic foundation we build–and share with clients–supports all of the critical work we do at Calcium.

Our unique form of brand nourishment consists of a steady stream of powerful, engagement–building ideas–strategic, scientific, creative, and technical ideas. The Calcium culture emphasizes the constant genesis of new ideas to drive brand and client growth. In our view, ideating freely and vigorously on behalf of clients–and constantly asking "what if?"–is the lifeblood of what we do.

Isn't it time to experience a more nourishing agency relationship? We’re Calcium–let's build something strong together.

What we do
What we do
delivering balanced brand nutrition through
The Growth Process

market analysis


Developing a deep and comprehensive understanding of the product, category, and all stakeholders. Includes a rigorous competitive assessment. Reveals critical unmet needs and market opportunities.



Formulating deep market and customer insights into powerful plans of attack. Establishing the strategic framework–in a clear and systematic way–for all downstream marketing initiatives.



How to situate your brand in the minds of (potential) customers. Precisely defining the right strategic messaging that will most powerfully resonate with–and activate–specific customer segments.



Skillfully combining verbal and visual elements into brand expressions that deliver maximum impact and engagement. Invoking both the heart and mind to create executional magic that captivates your audiences and, thereby, moves the needle.



The art–and science–of effective message delivery. Creating the most innovative and compelling programs and initiatives–all strategically aligned. And utilizing the most validated online and offline channels to get your message heard.

At Calcium, we utilize a proprietary system called 'The Growth Process™' to strategically guide and unify our various work streams. When all strategic, creative, and tactical solutions share the same underlying brand DNA, brand impact is magnified–and customer activation is intensified.

We’re on the forefront of technology in this rapidly changing digital world. We know where patients live (in the online sense), what they're looking for, and how to find them. Our customized and measurable initiatives break industry benchmarks. Our deep digital knowledge and skill set empowers clients by providing well-defined user experiences, platform agnostic design, content strategy, complete in-house programming, and measurement. At Calcium, digital is not a silo–it’s a vital part of the integrated marketing solutions we offer to clients.

Our services are further enhanced by synergistic strategic partnerships. Our work with Boston Healthcare enables our clients to gain a better understanding of market access, payer communications, and reimbursement issues; it also gives them the ability to receive critical health economics and outcomes research. Plus, our strong partnerships both with Google and comScore provide clients with unique, measurable opportunities to drive brand and business growth.

The Approach
The Approach
creativity is in our bones

Creativity is the force that propels content into the hearts and minds of audiences. Without imagination and creativity, messages will disappear into the vast ocean of content that customers face every day.

Whatever the medium (online or offline), our creative work at Calcium emphasizes freshness, impact, and memorability–but also strategic alignment. In our view, the very best creative displays verbal, visual, and conceptual firepower while also staying true to the brand’s well-defined strategic imperatives. For us at Calcium, it’s not creative unless it moves someone . . . and moves the needle.

Calcium's Current Clients
Our current clients
  • Acceleron
  • Avion Pharmaceuticals
  • Blueprint Medicines
  • Bristol Myers Squibb
  • Chiesi
  • Eggland's Best
  • Harmony Biosciences
  • Incyte
  • Nabriva Therapeutics
  • Veradigm
The Recognition
The Recognition
Rewards of awards

We work for our clients and their brands–not for awards. Still, it’s gratifying when our client work–and even our entire agency–is recognized by our industry peers for quality, uniqueness, and effectiveness. Our ultimate success metric is moving the needle for the clients we serve. But winning as many industry awards as we have also provides welcome validation for our hard work and high standards. In our world, winning work tends to be powerful and effective work–so we are absolutely committed to continuing our winning ways.

Among the recent awards we've won:

  • Over 58 awards from major shows
Calcium Leadership
Steven Michaelson - Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Steven Michaelson

Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Steven Michaelson has spent over 35 years in the advertising industry, more than 25 of them in pharmaceuticals and the recipient of two of the highest awards in our industry, 2019 Industry Person of the Year and the 2018 Entrepreneur of the Year.

Steven gained industry-wide recognition as the Founder and CEO of Wishbone, a highly successful and unique start-up that thrived for 13 years and was awarded ‘Agency of the Year’ in 2009. Wishbone was eventually acquired by Publicis.

Continuing in that tradition, Steven founded Calcium in 2012, pulling together the original Wishbone partners to help guide and run it. Calcium has 7 ‘Agency of the Year’ awards.

Earlier in his career, Steven held creative leadership positions at KPR, FCB, Harrison Star, and Robert A.Becker. He has created successful campaigns for such brands as Zocor, Glucophage, Plavix, EpiPen, Oxycontin, Depakote, and Diovan. Before entering the pharmaceutical industry, Steven did award-winning work for clients like Ford, Lanvin, Absolute, Omni and Penthouse magazines, and Sasson jeans.

Steven is married with three children and lives in New York City and East Hampton, NY. When he is not working or spending time with his family, you can find him on the tennis court.

[email protected]

Judy Capano - Managing Partner, Chief Operating Officer

Judy Capano

Managing Partner, Chief Operating Officer

Judy brings more than 25 years experience on both the pharma client side and agency side to her position as the strategy lead for Calcium. Judy began her career in Sales, Hospital Sales, Training, and Sales Management for Marion Merrell Dow. Moving to the agency side, Judy was then EVP, Director of Client Services at Harrison Star and COO/Strategy Officer for McCann Torre Lazur Worldwide, where she ran the global agency network and was responsible for mergers/acquisitions/startups. More recently, Judy was Partner/Chief Strategy Officer at Wishbone. A cum laude graduate of Siena College (she currently sits on the board of trustees), Judy is married with 3 children (who look strikingly similar to Steven Michaelson’s kids) and lives in New York, NY.

[email protected]

Greg Lewis - Managing Partner, President

Greg Lewis

Managing Partner, President

In 2019, Greg joined Calcium as President - prior roles included Managing Partner at WPP’s Grey Health Group and President at Havas Health and You. Greg is a seasoned healthcare marketing leader with 2 decades of experience launching brands, managing product lifecycles, and leading teams and agencies. With a range of experience from biologics to toothpaste, and from large DTC-launched brands to specialty products, he has a keen understanding of the fundamentals needed to drive brand growth. Greg received a dual degree in marketing communications and political science from Villanova University. He has taken executive classes at the Tuck Business School at Dartmouth and the Harvard Business School. In 2017, he was recognized as a Transformational Leader by PM360. He sits on two non-profit boards and lives in Summit, NJ with his two children.

[email protected]

Steve Hamburg - Managing Partner, Chief Creative Officer

Steve Hamburg

Managing Partner, Chief Creative Officer

Steve is a widely recognized industry leader who, before joining Calcium, held CCO positions at LLNS/Omnicom, Rosetta (leading digital agency), Wishbone (creatively-focused, “Agency of the Year” winner), and other leading agencies. Steve has been practicing the art and science of creativity for more than 25 years, working in virtually every therapeutic category and across digital, broadcast, and print communications channels. To every marketing communications challenge, Steve brings a powerful strategic, creative, scientific, and digital skill set. This guides the generation of illuminating insights, incisive strategies, innovative tactics, and inspiring creative–all driving greater business impact. Over the years, Steve has been active as a judge for industry awards shows and is the recipient of numerous creative awards himself. Steve also writes frequently for trade publications on a wide range of industry topics. A magna cum laude graduate of Brown University, Steve lives with his family (along with multiple guitars and pets) in Mt. Kisco, NY.

[email protected]

Garth McCallum-Keeler - Managing Partner, Chief Growth Officer

Garth McCallum-Keeler

Managing Partner, Chief Growth Officer

Garth has almost 20 years’ experience working in US and global biotech/specialty markets. His range of expertise extends from pipeline work to in-line marketing efforts. Garth also has extensive industry-side work experience, including Genzyme, Insmed, and Dey, all at Director-level roles within Marketing. His experience includes work in oncology, dermatology, renal, rheumatology, endocrinology, pulmonology, emergency care, vaccines, burn care, devices, and genetic disorders. In addition to his extensive background in healthcare, Garth is also a sociologist. He began his work career teaching undergraduate courses in sociology. Coupling his analytic and academic experience with a deep understanding of healthcare marketing, Garth brings a unique yet grounded approach to strategic planning and tactical execution.

[email protected]


Greg Lewis Named New Partner/President at Calcium

Bringing 21 years of healthcare marketing leadership and experience

November 20, 2019—Calcium is proud to announce the hire of Greg Lewis as the Senior Partner and President. Mr Lewis will be responsible for leading all Calcium staff across its New York, Philadelphia, and San Francisco offices to drive strategy, expand the agency’s creative capabilities, and strengthen its client relationships.

“Greg has already hit the ground running. In a very short time, our clients and everyone here at Calcium have felt the positive impact he is having on us and our business.”

With his prior experience as President at Havas Health & You and as Managing Partner for Grey Health Group, Mr Lewis brings over 2 decades of recruitment, client management, and healthcare agency experience to Calcium. “Greg has undeniably strong insights into the current pharmaceutical advertising landscape, a skill for networking, and a great track record for fostering talent across the many disciplines within an agency,” says Mr Michaelson.

Mr Lewis believes in Calcium’s vision as a leading independent agency driving agile client solutions, and knows that Calcium’s catered business approach will help this vision flourish. In addition, Mr Lewis has an understanding of the agency’s work ethic and company culture.

Lewis explained, “An industry leader and mentor introduced me to Steven and Judy. Immediately, it felt like a match. We spent dedicated time talking about shared goals and the vision for Calcium 2020 and beyond. During my meetings, I also had the opportunity to talk with the senior leadership within Calcium–this fully sealed the deal for me.”

Mr. Lewis holds a dual major in Political Science and Communications from Villanova University, and has participated in executive education programs at Harvard University and Dartmouth College Tuck School of Business.

The Team
Calcium Careers

Are you a smart, strategic thinker ready to collaborate with a team of experienced and passionate problem solvers? If you've got a nourishing attitude and a strong desire to help brands grow stronger, you just might be the next member of the Calcium team.

For career information, contact Berry Woodrow at [email protected] or 215.446.8010.

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To get a taste of what we can do for you, contact Steven Michaelson, CEO, at [email protected] or 917.612.3290.

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